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October 20, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty 29

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Click Here to read the latest on Amanda Bynes… why is Sam Lutfi always around these girls going through meltdowns?? Seems shady to me!!

Click Here to see Holly Madison still doing promos… she needs to give it up, she is looking very desperate!!

Click Here to see Rose McGowan… she still looks like a dixie chick!!

Click Here to see Dorothy Wang and read my thoughts on if she really is rich!!

Click Here to see Shia Labeouf’s girlfriend Mia Goth who doesn’t believe in makeup… what is this guy thinking being with her??

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Another Delusional Model

October 20, 2014 Chicago, The Dirty 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have no idea what to say here.  This girl really thinks she is smoking hot because of all the weirdo’s on social networks that never interact with women in real life. Had to see what you think about this?  Click here to see the rest of the image… if you dare!!!

I want to click so bad…not because of the fatty, but to see if that is a Squirrel or Kangaroo?- nik

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Thunderbolt Ross aka Adam Hutchinson aka Rick Royce

October 20, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so, Thunderbolt Ross claims to be a black man pulling all the blonde white girls from everywhere and claiming he puts it down… Well let this shed some light on the situation… I have previously called this bacon-fat out multiple times. Ironically after I did it became SLIGHTLY harder to Facebook this overgrown pustule. Adam Hutchinson, (which is the fat asses real name) has been called out on The Dirty before for his generally ratchet, fronting and basic ass. Just afterwards, which is when he discovered The Dirty, Thunderbolt Ross appeared and it’s just too close to similar alias Rick Royce and spelling error running rampant through his FB posts and The Dirty comments. Here are some pictures so the DA can appreciate how a fat, date raping, broke-white man can claim to be black and “used to be famous” for some kind of relevance. Also included are a few pictures of his hoe wife who has already fallen off at only 20 years old. And if you were really rolling in that dough Adam… for the love of God, cash out on some +2′s for your wife.

I would have never guest that Thunderbolt is Irish.- nik

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I Ain’t Sayin’ She A Gold Digger… Wait, Yes I Am

October 20, 2014 Hollywood, Las Vegas, The Dirty 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I would say ‘I’d like to introduce Gigi Vaia,’ but she’s already been featured  on TheDirty.com (as Gina Vaia, a self-proclaimed model and beat Tempe 12 gal) and she’s barely made it to 21! The first time I met her, she told me all about her “whirlwind romance” with Magician Criss Angel, flying her back and forth from Vegas to visit, which came to an abrupt end when he uninvited her on his trip to Mexico without explanation a few weeks ago. Two weeks after being dumped by Angel and describing “tall, dark and handsome” as her ideal man, she began fucking pale, blonde and short Dope clothing creator, Matte Fields, who she was then PAing for. Since then, his gossipy finance man has revealed he’s spent a car’s worth on her in shoes, bags and clothes, all starting in the first week with a $4500 Celine bag. The Twitter screenshot from her feed mentioning Angel’s handle was taken by Fields, featuring a shopping bag from one of the many Barney’s shopping sprees he’s taken her on. Can’t decide on a bank account to f*ck, Gigi? Fields has yet to make an appearance on her social media, but she’s peppered through his. It appears one is a little more invested than the other and you should give it more than 4 days before you give a hoe a credit card.

Heavy wrists create broad shoulders Gigi…keep that in mind.- nik

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Esther Childs Did Get Butt Implants

October 20, 2014 Brisbane, The Dirty 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Brisbane and Gold Coast model Esther Childs has had butt implants, I know because I was just at the surgery in Thailand getting some boobs when I saw her file and they confirmed… Yes, she had it around July 2014, you can see her before pictures which were taken in April the first pic is after.

An ass should never stick out further than a chest. I decided.- nik

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Thoughts On Shanda Rogers At 30

October 20, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty, Would You? 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know Shanda Rogers or ‘Shanda Panda’ as she used to call herself, got posted on here a good bit during her younger party years. Personally, I think she was a lot more interesting when she was a hot mess groupie party girl, but I have to say, she has aged really well. She posted on her IG that she’s turning 30 this year, and I think she’s a lot prettier at 30 than she was in her early 20′s. I sent photos of then and now for comparison. I still want to know what she does for a living though. She used to be a stripper, is that what she’s upto now? All I see are pictures of her taking selfies with expensive designer clothes and accessories. Anybody know what she does for money these days? She claims she is a model and photographer, but I don’t see her work in anything ever. Intel? And more importantly, Nik, now would you?

Answer: No, I’m not a fan of closing my eyes during sex.

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Joselyn Cano’s Butt Injection Scars

October 20, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 88



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, did anyone else notice the two dots (injection scars?) below Joselyn’s butt in her IG photo? What can it be Nik?

Maybe she is growing nipples for future surgeries.- nik

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Maegan Machine Is Weird

October 20, 2014 Hollywood, Scottsdale, The Dirty 24


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m not even sure what to say about the monstrosity that is ‘Maegan Machine’. The tattoos speak for themselves; overdone, tasteless.  She’s an ‘alternative’ model who in the past for sure has slept with photographers to pave her way, perhaps the same goes for now, but I don’t know.  The guys she dates are weird and creepy, but as long as they don’t question her sleeping around and pay her bills so she can play model – who cares, right? She auditioned for americas got talent and promptly got booted for skewering her face… how is that even talent? Weird.

Is that a mole or is she from India? I do like how her tattoo is energy efficient.- nik

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